Shopping & Product Advisor is the online shopping tool that takes into consideration your preferences to find the web’s most relevant, personalized results.  While Google or Bing provide results based on what others are doing online, allows you to set your preferences and most importantly your tradeoffs to find the most relevant results, thereby enhancing and personalizing the shopping experience.


How it Works

When we shop, we are trying to select the product that best fits our specified criteria.  Sometimes, cost outweighs quality.  Othertimes, function outweighs price!  Often, these criteria are in conflict with one another.  The human brain automatically trades one set of criteria, say a car’s price, for another, say, leather seats.  To determine the best product for YOU, we use a set of criteria, that could include:

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Performance
  • Social Impact
  • Features
  • And more!

You simply use the interface tool to set your preference, set your trade-offs, use the inference, and analyze the scores.  Instead of spending hours collecting data and analyzing the results, allows you to enter your desired trade-off to provide you with a narrow, specific list of results that have been selected based on your specific preferences and trade-offs.  This saves you time, facilitates the decision-making process, and reduces the likelihood that you order an item that doesn’t work for you. is the virtual personal shopper that saves you time and energy perusing the internet for the criteria you require to make a decision.  Get specific, relevant results on your first query.  Use for the most personalized shopping experience on the web.