ENSO Enterprise Social

Often, we know more details about our social networking “friends” lives than we do about the lives of those we work with on an everyday basis! Enterprise Social (ENSO) wants to build relationships among the field of business knowledge. Closer relationships among like-minded workers encourages a healthy exchange of information, thereby vastly increasing an invaluable network of resources.

Enterprise Social (ENSO) provides a configurable collaborative online social network between people who share business interests and activities. Auguri’s Enterprise Social enhances your corporate intranets by building relationships like Twitter or Facebook. Now, build a network of like-minded businesspeople easily!

Enterprise social networking provides you with:
• Insight into each employee through the applications and system (ERP, CRM, SCM, etc.)
• A dashboard that allows you to see how many users are visiting your website, notifies you when inventory runs low, and enables you to reach out to an otherwise unknown colleague who happens to be an expert in a field you require knowledge of.
• A platform to share your individual expertise.

ENSO is a collaborative business tool that adds a layer of social interaction to your intranet. Facilitate employee collaboration and use social networking to turn your intranet into a live exchange of knowledge and information.