GSA recently announced their latest release of a Price Only Based Reverse Auctions. While it is packed with enhancing features, such as reporting, dashboard, vendor’s feedback etc…

The question remains if these changes are sufficient to let GSA achieve their objective: Rapidly increase the adoption of the tools that lower the acquisition costs, such as their reverse auction.

Are they FAR compliant? Will they deliver Best Value to their “buyers”?

This attached presentation addresses this question.



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e.investor e.investor is a premier investment application.e.inversor uses advanced Auguri’s technology to optimize investmentdecisions. e.investor investment selection tool yields  more suitable results that better meet customer preferences.e.inversor  use objectives (target) set by the customer in each of the criteria involved in the decision such as risk, return, term, nominal price, etc.., and the degree of importance assigned to each

Contract Selection
GSA’s Contract Vehicle Navigator is a tool offered by GSA to its buyers. It allows them to select the most adequate contract vehicle for the Integrated Solutions they intend to acquire.
The tools takes into account the hard constraints imposed by regulations. It offers a navigation tool that enables buyers to tradeoff the criteria involved in their acquisition to select the ideal contract for the specific solicitation.
Airplane Swapping Boeing used Auguri’s technology to develop a airplane swapping application.Often, plane experiencing problems that require unscheduled maintenance, cause cascading delays. In order to optimize the operation under these conditions, Boeing has developed an application to select the best plane to swap while the maintenance crew is fixing the problem.
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HRMS The U.N. licensed Auguri’s software for advanced ad-hoc queries to their HRMS system.With Auguri they were able to extend their HRMS system by enabling enhanced selection of resources for their engagements.

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Dog Selection is first Buyer’s Market Place that offers a state of the art selection tool that is based on the specific preferences (and tradeoffs) of its users.