About Auguri


We believe in a better world; A meritocratic, fair and just world. Most of our actions stem from decisions we make. Thus we have focused our effort on optimizing our decisions and making them more transparent. We make these decisions when hiring an employee, granting a loan, investing in a project, procuring for a company,  etc…  

Auguri is a high technology research firm that counts in its ranks scientists from MIT, Stanford and Berkley who have developed a system that is used for analytics, decision support, optimization, prioritization, triage, selection, search etc…

What sets Auguri apart is an approach that emulates the way humans think, by focusing on tradeoffs and comparisons. Traditional software systems have overlooked tradeoffs because computers were not good at dealing with them, until the advent of Auguri.

Our customers include prestigious organizations such as Boeing, the U.N, DoD and GSA.


Board of Directors

Mr. Fadi Micaelian – Chairman, Auguri Corporation
Mr. Charles Yeterian – Partner, Novus Consulting
Mr. Marcantonio Parisi – CEO, Fribel
Mr. Lorenzo Lorenzotti – General Manager, Rolaco USA

Board of Advisors

Mr. Ed Oates – Founder, Oracle Corporation
Mr. Peter Chu – Partner, Asiatech Ventures
Mr. Richard Potter – Associate Technical Fellow, Boeing

Contact Us

Auguri Corporation
P.O.Box 4183Menlo Park, CA 94026, USA
Phone: 619.928.4874
Fax: 509.357.3346
Email: webmaster@decidesoft.com